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August 30, 2017

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3 Request for Pre-Proposals

Evaluation of Probiotics in Finfish Hatcheries to Improve Larval Production

Increasing Understanding of and Developing Management Strategies for Edwardsiella Ictaluri in Ornamental Fish

Economic Impact Assessment and Monitoring Progress of Technology Adoption in the U.S. Catfish Industry

Guidelines for Writing a SRAC Pre-Proposal

The USDA NIFA Southern Regional Aquaculture Center is conducting Request for Pre-proposals (RFPs) for three priority projects. Each of these projects will be developed using the “comprehensive method” through which a team of multi-state scientists, having demonstrated records of expertise in the subject, complete a single pre-proposal that addresses all project objectives.  One proposal for each project will be selected for funding based on review by a committee of scientists not involved in any of the proposals that are submitted.

A copy of the RFPs and a copy of the Guidelines for Writing a SRAC Pre-Proposal (Comprehensive) can be found above by clicking on the project title. The Guidelines for Writing a SRAC Pre-Proposal (Comprehensive) document includes format instructions, descriptions of new proposal requirements and budget category opportunities, and a pre-proposal example. Some of these requirements are relatively new, so applicants should read the guidelines carefully. 

Project teams wishing to participate in this proposed area of research and extension activity should submit their pre-proposals by October 31, 2017. Send an electronic copy (Word) of the pre-proposal to the SRAC Director ( If you have any questions about the application process, please send these requests to Kristen Thompson, SRAC Business Manager, at

29th Annual Progress Report

The 29th Annual Progress Report is now available, click HERE to read.

SRAC YouTube Channel:

SRAC now has a YouTube Channel where you can go to see all of our videos. Click HERE to see them.

Aquaculture News:

2013 NASS Census of Aquaculture

New Publications:

1. 3602 Aquatic Herbicide Mode of Action and Use Implications

2. 5007 Principles of Small-Scale Aquaponics

3. 475 Proliferative Gill Disease (Hamburger Gill Disease)

4. 474 The Role of Stress in Fish Disease

5. 230 American Alligator Production: An Introduction

6. 3001 Feeds and Feeding of Hybrid Striped Bass

7. 5006 Economics of Aquaponics

8. 477 Enteric Septicemia of Catfish

9. 4311 High-Density Rearing of Oyster Larvae in Flow-Through Systems

10. 7212 Species Profile: Hybrid Crappie