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June, 2022

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SRAC: Industry Advisory Council

The IAC is composed of representatives of state and regional aquaculture associations, federal, territorial and state agencies, aquaculture producers, aquaculture marketing and processing firms, financial institutions, and other interests or organizations as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

The IAC provides an open forum wherein maximum input from private and public sectors can be gained and incorporated into annual and on-going plans for SRAC. The chairman serves for two years and is elected by IAC members.

IAC members serve up to four-year appointments having staggered terms with options for reappointment.

IAC Members:

What the IAC Does:

The IAC (1) recommends to the Board research and extension needs and priorities from an industry perspective; (2) reviews project proposals and accomplishment and termination reports; and (3) recommends to the Board, jointly with the Technical Committee, actions regarding new and continuing proposals, proposal modifications and terminations.