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March 17, 2023

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Aquaculture News:

2013 NASS Census of Aquaculture

New Publications:

1. 703 Introduction to Marine Copepod Culture for Live Feeds Production

2. 2602 Indoor Marine Shrimp Farming

3. 469 Fertilizing Fish Ponds

4. 478 Motile Aeromonas Septicemia (MAS) in Fish

5. 4312 Preventing Escape from Aquaculture Operations

6. 425 Hormone Preparation, Dosage Calculation, and Injection Techniques for Induced Spawning of Foodfish

7. 428 Hormone Preparationk Dosage Calculation, and Injection Techniques for Induced Spawning: Baitfish and Ornamental Fish

8. 7213 Species Profile: Clownfish

9. 0231 Alligator Production: Breeding, Egg Collection, Incubation, and Hatching

10. 3602 Aquatic Herbicide Mode of Action and Use Implications