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March, 2023

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SRAC: Project Reports

Currently SRAC has 3 projects in development, 5 projects set to start in 2023 and 9 projects in session. Below you can see the projects currently being worked on, as well as projects that have been finished. Click on the links to go to the Annual Report where findings are documented. If project title is not hyperlinked this means the project is less than 6 months old and there are currently no findings to report. For the most recent annual report on active projects, click here.

Active Projects:

  • Publications, Videos and Computer Software
  • Investigating the Epidemiology of Edwardsiella piscicida- Septicemia in Hybrid Catfish and Other Commercially Important Fish Species in the Southern United States
  • Investigating the Emergence of Vibriosis in Catfish Hatcheries in the Mississippi Delta
  • Managinging Larval Feeding for Improved Survival by Reduction of Artemia Use and Replacement with Fortified Rotifers or Artificial Feeds
  • Targeted Marketing Research and Outreach for Improving the Position of Southern Aquaculture Products in the Grocery Marketplace
  • Development of Rapid Detection Methods for Emerging Aquatic Anumal Pathogens Threatening Southern Region Aquaculture
  • Identification of Novel Flavobacterium columnare Vaccine Candidates for Catfish and Other Aquaculture Fish Species in the Southern Region

Completed Projects: