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October 10, 2016

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SRAC: Research Publications

Participating scientists have published numerous articles in scientific journals on work resulting from SRAC projects. The list below includes some, but not all of the publications that have been written.


Evaluation of Impacts of Potential "Cap and Trade" Carbon Emissions Legislation on Carbon Emissions Legislation on Catfish, Baitfish, and Crawfish Farming

Potential Marketing Structures for the Catfish Industry

Improving Reproductive Efficiency of Cultured Finfish

Effects of Mosquito Abatement Pesticides on Various Life Stages of Commercially Important Shellfish Aquaculture Species in the South

Development of Baitfish, Goldfish, and Ornamental Fish Hatchery Methods

Identifying Determinants for Development of Live Market Grading Standards for Crawfish

Effects of Nutrition on Body Composition and Subsequent Storage Quality of Farm-Raised Catfish

Analysis of Regional and National Markets for Aquacultural Products Produced for Food in the Southern Region

Performance of Aeration Systems for Channel Catfish, Crawfish, and Rainbow Trout Production

Immunization of Channel Catfish

Enhancement of the Immune Response to Edwardsiella Ictaluri in Channel Catfish

Harvesting, Loading, and Grading Systems for Cultured Freshwater Finfishes and Crustaceans

Characterization of Finfish and Shellfish Aquacultural Effluents

Safety and Sanitation of Aquacultural Products: Microbial

Aquaculture Food Safety: Residues

Improving Production Efficiency of Warmwater Aquaculture Species Through Nutrition

Delineation and Evaluation of Catfish and Baitfish Pond Culture Practices

Management of Environmentally-Derived Off-Flavors in Warmwater Fish Ponds

Optimizing Nutrient Utilization and Reducting Waste Through Diet Composition and Feeding Strategies

Verification of Recommended Management Practices for Major Aquatic Species

Control of Blue-Green Algae in Aquaculture Ponds

Management of Aquaculture Effluents From Ponds

Development of Improved Harvesting, Grading and Transport Technology for Finfish Aquaculture

Identification, Characterization, and Evaluation of Mechanisms of Control of Bolbophorus-Like Trematodes and Flavobacterium Columnare- Like Bacteria Causing Disease in Warm Water Fish

Innovative Technologies and Methodologies for Commercial-Scale Pond Aquaculture

Improving Reproductive Efficiency to Produce Channel x Blue Hybrid Catfish Fry

Feed Formulation and Feeding Strategies for Bait and Ornamental Fish

Development and Evaluation of Pond Inventory Methods

Economic Forecasting and Policy Analysis Models for Catfish and Trout